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Learn about the United States history

Learn About The United States - Audio CD

Take these quick civics lessons for the new naturalization test whenever you're on the go and be prepared for the exam. In fact, most people who have... (Read more)
Civics Flash Cards for Naturalization Exam

Civics Flash Cards

The easiest way to pass the naturalization exam is with these Civics Flash Cards. You will be ready to answer every question on the exam. We're so confident that you will pass that... (Read more)
Vocabulary Flash Cards for Naturalization Exam

Vocabulary Flash Cards

The reading and writing portion of the citizenship exam can be challenging, but not with these vocabulary flash cards. They will prepare your language... (Read more)
Naturalization Help DVD

The DVD that every immigrant must have!

Whether you provide help with naturalization or are going through the process yourself, this is the one guide that you must have! This DVD will walk you through... (Read more)
United States History - Audio CD
US Civics Flash Cards

The ultimate guide to get your citizenship is now here.

From help in choosing the right forms for your situation to being ready for next step in the naturalization process and, of course, to make sure that you're absolutely ready for the exam. This guide is required reading if...
(Read more)

There are many advantages of getting your Green Card and especially becoming a Citizen of the United States of America.

US Passport, one of the advantages of getting a US Citizenship.

You may already be aware of some of the benefits of getting your Green Card or even your USA Citizenship, however few realize the importance of these benefits. For example, having a US Passport is a nice benefit but did you know that having a US Passport allows you to visit many countries without even getting a visa? Or you may know that as a US Citizen you are allowed to visit a US Consulate in a foreign country but what you may not realize is that in case of a disaster in the country that you are visiting the US Consulate will provide a means for you to evacuate or if you get in trouble and get arrested they will make sure that you are humanely treated in the jails of the country of your visit.

Though there are many more benefits of getting your US Citizenship or Green Card, it is not always an easy task. The process of getting naturalized can be long, expensive, complicated and frustrating. From filling out the USCIS forms; to the biometrics process; to the interview, to the exam; and finally to the ceremony; each step requires knowledge and the understanding of the requirements and process. Unfortunately, it is too easy to get denied your citizenship or green card for doing something wrong (or perhaps not doing something) within each of these steps.

A kid getting naturalized, with his citizenship certificate.So, what are your options? Well, you could hire a lawyer to help you with the process but, if you thought the filing fees were expensive, wait until you see how much it costs to hire a lawyer to help you with your case. You can also try doing it on your own and risk losing everything. It is obvious that the best option is with our help. For less than five bucks a month you can have access to all of the resources that you would need. From filling out your forms; to what to expect and what to have ready for each step of the process; all the way through until you get your citizenship!

You may have had to reread the last sentence several times but be assured that it is not a mistake, it really is less than five dollars a month! If you're asking about how we can afford to provide our services for such low prices, the answer is simple. The amount of visitors, like you, who continue to use our services is always growing. You see, you will not find any other place, either online or elsewhere, that can offer you so much value for such a low price, we dare you to look! Or, just like everyone else, why don't you give us a try!

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